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Tamil Movie From A Whisper To A Scream Free Download

Tamil Movie From A Whisper To A Scream Free Download ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

In a small Tennessee town, an historian relates four horror stories to a reporter.

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original title: From a Whisper to a Scream

genge: Action,Drama,Horror,Thriller

imdb: 5.7

duration: 1h 39min

tags: Welcome to Oldfield, Tennessee. Population: Deadly!

budget: $1,100,000

keywords: tennessee, anthology, switchblade, shotintheback, shotwhiletryingtosurrender, framingstory, curse, jealousy, lust, unrequitedlove, hubris, referencetoedgarallanpoe, neckbreaking, bathtub, cultfilm, wr

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In a small Tennessee town, an historian relates four horror stories to a reporter. The uncle of an executed murderess relates four stories of his hometown, Oldfield, to a reporter: an elderly man pursues a romance with a younger woman, even to the grave and beyond...a wounded man on the run from creditors is rescued by a backwoods hermit with the secret to eternal life...a glass-eating carny pays the ultimate price for looking for love on the outside...and Civil War soldiers are held captive by a household of orphans with strange intentions for them. Originally known as "From a Whisper to a Scream" (Which is also the DVD Title), "The Offspring" had been filmed in or around 1985 and '86 but did not get released until 1987. This movie marked the debut of director Jeff Burr, who would later go on to direct Stepfather 2, Texas Chainsaw 3, Puppet Master 4-5, and others. I had bought this back in April and I was kinda let down, not by the movie, but the tape itself. I had expected it to actually be in SP Mode, as most I've tapes from the era used that speed. It seems to be recorded in SLP Mode, which I highly despise, because of it's crappy quality and the excessive amount of tracking adjustments that's required with an SLP tape. The tape acts funny during I've's "Movies America Wants to See Promo", it acts funny during the "Lady Beware" part, to be specific.

Anyway, onto the movie. We start off with Serial Killer Katherine White (Played by Former Bond Girl Martine Beswicke) who appears to be in a wedding dress at some sort of wedding. Turns out, it's just a dream, as we flash forward to her execution via lethal injection (Which I oppose btw.) It seems like she was awaiting a word from the Govenor, as the warden (Played by Lawrence Tierney in a cameo), says he has no choice but to carry on the execution. At the execution is a reporter, Beth Chandler (Played by Susan Tyrell from "Forbidden Zone".) She later drives to a library in Oldfield, TN, which is owned by the Librarian/Town Historian Julian White (Played by the great Vincent Price.), who just so happens to be Katherine's uncle, who blames the town of Oldfield on his niece's wickedness. So then he tales Beth 4 stories about the history of Oldfield.

The first story takes place during the 80s, and is about a strange man named Stanley Burnside (Played by Clu Gulager from "Return of the Living Dead" in an unrecognizable role), who lives with his sister Eileen, whom he often gives sponge baths to (incest?), and he has an obsession with a female co-worker, Grace Scott. Later on, Stanley kills Eileen during one of her sponge baths after killing the co-worker. He goes to Grace's casket and performs necrophilia (I'm not saying anything) on her dead body. Towards the end, The Offspring (The monster on the cover, obviously) gets to Stanley and kills him. End of first story. In my opinion, this is probably the most weirdest, yet mediocrely acted story.

The next story takes place during the 1950s and is about a man named Jesse Hardwicke (Played by Terry Kiser from "Weekend at Bernie's") whose wife comes to him and tells him that she's leaving him and taking all of his money. At the same time, 2 mobsters come after Jesse and leave him for dead. He is later discovered by an old African-American fellow named Felder Evans (Played by Harry Cesar) who knows the key to eternal life. Jesse wants to make money off of it, so he can get his revenge, but Felder has no desire to make any money. Eventually, bad actions lead to bad consequences, if you will. There is later a somehow pointless scene of Jesse in the hospital while 2 doctors are discussing some BS no one really cares about, but aside from that, this happened to be my favorite segment in the movie.

The third story takes place during the 1930s and is about a sideshow carny who can swallow glass. He wants to quit because of a girl he loves, but his boss, played awesomely by Rosalind Cash, won't let him. As the carny and his girlfriend run off to a hotel, then the gore begins. This was probably the most goriest one in the movie.

The fourth and last story takes place sometime after the Civil War and revolves around a band of soldiers (Lead by Cameron Mitchell) who encounter children of the victims of the war, who worship a strange deity called "The Magistrate." This story plays a lot like "Children of the Corn" and to some degree, "The Children", "Beware: Children at Play", and the Star Trek episode, "And the Children Shall Lead." This could probably be seen as the 2nd most goriest one. There was this one scene that really creeped me out. It was the scene where one of the soldiers loses an eye to the kids and is given to a girl who wants her eye replaced.

The movie ends (SPOILERS AHEAD!) with Beth killing Julian for some strange reason (I forgot which) but anyway, in my opinion, people who are into anthologies like "Creepshow", "Tales from the Darkside: The Movie", "Cat's Eye" or even "Deadtime Stories" should probably get into this as well.

Oh by the way, before I end this review, if anyone happens to have a copy of this movie that looks something like what's shown in the link below, please email me at ryan02732@gmail.com. I've been looking for it for sometime now.

http://cdnl3.livevideo.com/image/42/488242/760057_pm.jpg I feel I should mention that I love horror anthology movies. Actually, to put it more accurately, I love the IDEA of horror anthology movies. That's because the vast majority of horror anthology movies I have seen have left me less that satisfied, and that also goes for "From A Whisper To A Scream" (a.k.a. "The Offspring"). It's a pretty cheap-looking movie - director Jeff Burr himself once said the budget was actually $350,000 - though if that's true, I will admit that they managed to stretch the budget pretty far, including the fact they got a once in a lifetime cast. But even if they had more money to spend, the movie would have suffered from the fact that the script is pretty lame for the most part. The second story (concerning someone who has figured out the secret for eternal life) is okay, namely because it has an unexpected (and effective) ironic ending. The other three stories have no surprises and each of them seem to go on forever. I would only recommend this movie to die hard fans of horror anthology movies.


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